Infrared Therapy and Weight Lifting – The benefits

Woman weight training in woods

The power of infrared therapy for body builders

Everyone leads a different lifestyle. Even in the world of health, there are many ways to approach it. For some it is with the refreshing feeling that comes with detox, for other’s it’s the gratification of a good sweat from heavy weight training. The restoring properties of an active lifestyle are endless. In the same way, infrared heat has many natural benefits for both the body and mind. Exercise is truly as dynamic as the people who choose to partake in it. Even with its many variations, there are not many types of post workouts that cannot benefit from infrared heat.

As most strenuous activities go, in particular work outs such as weight training and body building can create high levels of muscle fatigue and tension on the body.. Due to the intense nature of these types of regimes, the deep soothing benefits of infrared therapy are often used to provide muscles with gentle, yet effective relief.

With most strenuous work outs, the body often begins to suffer from common symptons of DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness which can in turn actually begin to build up lactic acid. This can create typical symptoms of muscle soreness that often comes when one lengthens their duration of exercise. Far infrared rays not only reduce levels of lactic acid build up, they also relieve any form of arthritis as well as muscle spasms or joint stiffness.

What is often a natural aftermath that comes with regular exercise, muscle tension is a given. Infrared therapy continues to prove itself as a healthy remedy that can provide post work out relief as well as long term benefits. At MyOwnSpa, we know that the road to fitness is not always easy. Let our infrared saunas be a natural agent of relief.

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