Benefits of Detoxification


There is so much information out there regarding detoxification that it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s false.  It can be even harder, once you’ve decided that a detox plan is right for you, to know which one you should choose in order to maximize the benefits.  First, let’s break down the ways in which a good detoxification can benefit your body, mind and soul for overall health improvement.

When your body harbours toxins, it doesn’t operate at full capacity, leaving you feeling the effects of not being at your optimal health.  Toxins can build up for a variety of reasons.  The food that we put into our bodies these days is highly concentrated with a host of preservatives, pesticides and chemicals that are at times unpronounceable.  We drink soft drinks and juice full of sugar and acids, milk chock full of hormones and our coffee laced with unhealthy creamers.  We live fast paced lifestyles and, for the most part, gone are the days when mom was at home full time, ready willing and able to get a good home cooked meal on the table for her family.  The majority of households are two income families, and with kids in a host of activities, our evenings are as full as our daytime hours, leaving very little time for good food preparation.  Those golden arches seem like a great idea at the time, only to haunt us…if not immediately afterwards then certainly down the road.  Because we lead fast paced lives and most of us settle into a busy city, stresses from work, populated areas, our neighbourhoods, crime rates and commutes can all lend a hand in creating a society of stress cases.  Stress and anxiety, along with depression and fatigue, all impact our level of health.  Often when we’re not feeling our best we reach for the nearest prescription medicine, which can itself lead to a whole host of other health related issues, leading us down the path of requiring one medicine after another to counter the side effects of each one.  Another way that toxins leach into our bodies is through our environment.  Traffic pollution, spraying in farm fields and even the cleaning products we use can have a detrimental adverse affect on our health and wellness.

dual detox foot spa

dual detox foot spa

So what’s a person to do?  It seems at times that we’re bombarded from all sides.  There is a way to help, though, and it attacks each of these issues.  The benefits of detoxification are many.  A good plan or detox routine can not only bring about wellness for your body, but for your mind and soul as well.

When your body feels energized and ready to take on the day, your mind is quieter and less apt to focus on the negative which results in a better appreciation for everything around you.  When you go through a detoxification, you’re putting a stop to the incoming problems that you were feeding yourself all along: trans fats, sugars, caffeine, sodium and saturated fats.  Once you start eating right, feeding your body with all of those good fruits and veggies with just the right amount of meat and grains, you’ll notice an immediate boost to your energy levels and ability and desire to get off your butt!

Since most detox programs are designed to purge your system, the act of ridding yourself of waste alone is a great way to increase health with immediate results.  If your intestines are backed up, it’s hard for the detoxification to work properly, but once things get moving regularly, you’ll notice that the results improve exponentially.  That’s partly why it’s so important to stay hydrated through the program and afterwards.

One great side effect to a detox is that you may notice the disappearance of your dragon breath.  Our breath is a great indicator of what’s going on inside of us, so if you suffer (or if your partner suffers) regularly from your awful breath, a detox will help you get your mouth under control.

You’ll probably notice that your mind has more clarity either during or following your detoxification program.  Part of the reason may be due to a decreased intake of sugars and fats that tend to make us feel low, tired and lethargic.  The other part of the reason lies in the detox program that encourages you to meditate or take some quiet time each day for yourself.  This can be in the form of yoga, quiet sitting for reflection, a walk or even a bath.

Your physical appearance will most certainly be the most obvious improvement; when you eat healthier and drink enough water, you will start to notice the pounds melting away, along with better skin and hair appearance and feel.  Your skin may clear up and your tone may even out.  Your hair will feel softer and may even develop a lustrous shine.  Eating healthy on its own will help you maintain a better weight, but due to your increased energy levels you may decide to add a great exercise routine to your detox program and get fit faster!

A detoxification can be the push you need to start a new, healthier lifestyle.  When you cut out bad foods and drinks and focus instead on good nutrition, you start to crave that energized and happier feeling that a healthy body brings.

Thank you to Katie Mills who wrote this article. Katie is a guest author from and is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under her belt.