Ionic Detox Foot Spas

$ 1,600.00

Ionic Detox Foot Spas 1

Professional Detox Foot Spa Kit including

  • Dual Detox Machine with Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 Foot Basins,
  • 2 Arrays, (made from Medical grade Stainless Steel)
  • 2 Wrist Straps
  • Tens Massage Pads
  • Aluminum Carry Case
  • Instructions and Charts

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Far Infrared Sauna – BS-9218

$ 3,200.00

Far Infrared Sauna – BS-9218 1

FAR INFRARED SAUNA Bask in the warmth and elegance of this luxurious far infrared sauna exquisitely crafted with natural Canadian hemlock wood. Whether you use your sauna to wind down or de-stress, before bed for a deeper, more restful sleep, let this far infra-red sauna work its magic on you. The sauna is elegantly crafted […]

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Water Ionizer

$ 1,495.00

Water Ionizer 1

The OXY-WATER™ Water Ionizer SM1 naturally produces remarkably clean, safe and healthful water.

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Anion Light Bulbs

$ 9.99

Anion Light Bulbs 1


Benefits Of An Anion Light Bulbs

  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Reduces Toxic chemicals, including VOC’s
  • Eliminates Smoke [from Cigarette & Fires]
  • Reduces Dust & Dust Mites
  • Eliminates Airborne Dead Skin
  • Reduces Airborne Pollens
  • Eliminates Insect Feces
  • Reduces Airborne Mold Spores
  • Reduces Airborne Animal/Pet Dander

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Far Infrared Sauna – BS-9323

$ 4,000.00

Far Infrared Sauna – BS-9323 1

This Sauna is great for 3 people or 1 person to lay down and stretch out. With heaters on the front and back you will be surrounded by Far Infrared Heat no matter what position you are in. Sauna Features: Luxurious, elegantly crafted sauna for three people. Far infra-red sauna cabin with external/internal digital controls, […]

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Vibration Trainer

$ 999.00

Vibration Trainer 1


Specifications:Rated Power: 500W

  • Adjustable Speed Range: 1-50 Levels
  • Adjustable Timing Range: 1-10 Min
  • Motor Rotation Speed range: 150-650 RPM
  • Monitor Display: Time, Speed, and Heart Rate
  • Max Weight Capacity: 150KG

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Vibration Trainer

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