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The History of Whole Body Vibration Trainers:

Whole Body Vibration TrainerVibration Trainers are a sophisticated exercise and wellness machine that uses vibration technology based on decades of Russian research and development.
During the first extended periods of time Russian cosmonauts spent in space, it was observed they experienced bone and muscle tissue loss due to a lack of gravity. In an effort to stop or reverse these degenerative conditions, researchers were led to the whole body vibration (WBV) technology. Since that first research decades ago, it has been well documented that vibration technology does in fact repair the bone and muscle tissue loss experienced by the cosmonauts. Of course, this discovery inevitably led the way for the whole body vibration concept to be applied to the fields of athletics and fitness. The Whole body Vibration Trainer is the latest “state of the art” vibration technology machine designed for physical performance enhancement. It was designed and developed by TS Korea and collaborated with Qigong (Chi Kung) Masters in Korea who were instrumental in helping develop the Beauty Health 10 minute pre-programmed training sessions

Whole Body Vibration Theory:

Whole body vibration theory was originated from the concept of human body movement under earth gravity. The movement of individual organs of human body is always influenced by earth’s gravity. Earth gravity works in vertical directions. Therefore it is natural and more effective for the human body to exercise in a vertical direction. Running vertically causes all the body organs such as brain, chest, abdomen and muscles to contract and relax repeatedly. Up and down vertical exercise movements stimulate the growth plates, improve blood vessel circulation, activate lymph system and help eliminate cellulite. Vertical movements also cause the muscle fibers to contract and relax repeatedly enhancing muscle strength

A Whole body vibration device replicates this action by sending out a vibration from a base that the user stands on. One of the best on the market is the Beauty Health Whole Body Vibration Trainer. It uses Quiet vibrations that emanates up through the body, stimulating the muscle fibres (myocytes) with three times the strength of gravity. The myocytes contract and relax with more intense speed and strength. These contractions, when repeated, boost muscle strength more quickly than with any other kind of muscle training. Flexibility is increased and the recovery time for muscle repair is considerably shortened making it a great training tool for athletes. Furthermore, blood vessels are stimulated, improving circulation down to the cellular level, increasing cells oxygen levels, nutritional uptake, fluid movement and waste removal. Detoxification pathways are enlivened. Essentially, the body’s Natural healing response is accelerated. Tendons and ligaments become better toned. Cellulite disperses. Even small muscle groups such as facial muscles are improved. And similar to other forms of exercise, it has been shown to produce an improvement in metabolic heart rate.

The gentleness of the whole body Beauty Health Vibration trainer makes it uniquely useful to seniors and those who are rehabilitating from injury as just a 10min session provides many of the benefits of conventional exercise but without the strain and impact on the body.

Because of the ease in operation, the Vibration trainer can be used by anyone regardless of age or sex. In particular, athletes, overweight people or others who experience difficulty exercising over extended periods of time, office workers with inadequate levels of physical activity, people who cannot find the time to exercise, benefit most from this novel comprehensive exercise system. What started out in the Russian space training programs to combat the effects of the gravity-free environment encountered by astronauts in outer space has evolved into a very effective exercise machine. Sonic vibrations (3 to 50 per second) trigger a neural reflexive response, or full body muscle-contraction, for each of the vibrations. These muscle contractions stimulate a dramatic increase in critical blood flow to joints and their connective tissues throughout the body. The result is an increase in bone/muscle mass, strength and flexibility. Athletes from nearly every sport and discipline have reaped results with vibration training.

Specifications:Rated Power: 500W

  • Adjustable Speed Range: 1-50 Levels
  • Adjustable Timing Range: 1-10 Min
  • Motor Rotation Speed range: 150-650 RPM
  • Monitor Display: Time, Speed, and Heart Rate
  • Max Weight Capacity: 150KG

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