Detox Foot Baths

The Ion Detox Foot Spa Foot Bath helps your body to Detoxify from Today’s environment that exposes us to the greatest toxic concentration in the planets history. Our air, water, food and the physical building materials of our society are drastically affecting our health. Adding immune building vitamins and nutrients is important to develop our bodies ability to fight, but removing these toxins is essential to our overall survival and a foundation for better health and living.

Imagine you have poured yourself a glass of clean cold refreshing water. The very thought of it is refreshing, but now imagine you have poured it into a dirty glass. The water, once pure and clean, is now dirty and contaminated. Drinking it will still provide your body with the water it needs but it is contaminated with many things your body does not need or want, put simply, the contaminates need to be removed. This is true with the contaminates and toxins in our bodies, they need to be removed. Our bodies have a natural ability to remove unwanted contaminates but with the amount our bodies are being bombarded with today we need help.

This detoxification method accelerates change in the body. The removal of toxic buildup allows the body to repair damage, and function properly keeping you and your family healthier.

Depending on the age and needs of the individual, detoxing sessions using the Ion Detox Foot Spa Foot Bath can be performed every two to three days for 14 sessions then taking a 3 week break between. This Ion Detox foot Bath unit is professional grade and is used in many clinics. For those who wish the convenience and cost savings while keeping your body toxic levels down, having your own Ion Detox Foot Bath unit in your home makes sense all across the board.

Ionic Detox Foot Spas

$ 1,600.00

Ionic Detox Foot Spas 1

Professional Detox Foot Spa Kit including

  • Dual Detox Machine with Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 Foot Basins,
  • 2 Arrays, (made from Medical grade Stainless Steel)
  • 2 Wrist Straps
  • Tens Massage Pads
  • Aluminum Carry Case
  • Instructions and Charts

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